When men were boys, we used to get involved in some shameful practices just to impress ladies, or make them develop interest in us, but now that BOYS have evolved into REAL MEN , we need not engage in this weird and shameful practices at the expense of impressing ladies, or into making them develop interest in us

As a matter of fact, even some acclaimed matured guys still find themselves involved in this weird and shameful practices

The fact that you could admit to see a part of you doing some of these things does not mean you should throw punches at me cheesy

Lemme keep the ball rolling cool

10 Weird & Shameful Practices Guys Engage In When In Need Of Girlfriends

1. They Collect the PINS & Phone Numbers Of Ladies They Barely Know
Some are so desperate that they request for the PINS of ladies they barely know; or you see them on social network viewing ladies profile just to see if some of them added their pins and phone number on their profile. Some be like, "Lalasticlala, abeg you get any sure babe for your BBM ? Yes I get oooo.. Abeg I no need the one wey go dey demand for money oooooo.. Hahaha grin

2. They Borrow Ridiculous Things To Show Their Worth
Specifically, guys who have low self esteem will borrow their friends" wrist watches, mobile phones, clothes, shoes, and even boxers to showcase their style. When they spot the lady, they will make sure she sees them by force

3. They Chase Ladies On The Streets At Night
You see some guys lay ambush at night, just like a lion waiting for its prey. Na so dem go dey disturb ladies wey dem no know. This is what some of them do

4. They Risk Their Life By Traveling Far Away
He lives in Lagos while she lives in Maduguri.. You will keep wonderful why someone would be so eager and desperate to embark on a journey of about 24 hours just to meet with someone he barely knows. This is what some guys do when they meet ladies on social media which is nothing but pure abnormality.

5. They Attend Church Youth Programmes Solely For The Purpose Of Meeting Ladies
I used to do this when men were boys. You will see them attending Youth & Singles programmes not for the mental and spiritual benefit of it, but they know that babe will also be present. You will see them hovering outside the church auditorium for no good reason.

6. Notice Me Character
When sitting beside a lady they barely know, they will dip their hands into their pockets and will bring out their Blackberry curve 2, put their earpiece on their ears and will start singing foreign songs (Celine Dion, Westlife, Lionel Richie, etc). This is to show that they are sophisticated and have high taste in music. Funny enough, when the babe brings out her own Z10, they will shamefully put their phone back into their pockets. Hahaha grin

7. They Utilize Every Opportunity

When they dial a wrong number and a lady with an angelic voice picks up and they get to realize they dialed a wrong number. They will drop the call, and will call back 20mins later, saying they want to know more of her. cheesy

8. They Are Unnecessarily Caring

I have witnessed a scene when a very close friend of mine saw a random lady being bathed by rain. He rushed to her, handed over his umbrella to her and started walking under the rain. When they were about to depart, he inquired for her phone number and the lady in question made an outright confession that she doesn't give out her number to strangers.. Oooopsss !!!

9. They Thank Ladies For Everything

Thanking ladies for appecting your friend request on social network has been causing controversy since the days of Azeez Makinde. Personally, I see nothing wrong in it, depending on the matter which it was done. When ladies accept their friend request of some of them, they will start praising and adoring her for no reason

10. They Begin To Form

The moment they stop ladies, some of them start using British accent even though it is obvious they have never been out of Ado- Ekiti cheesy

Have fun


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