This shocking story reportedly occurred some time ago in the ancient town of Ila Orangun, Osun state, where a woman delivered the Holy Bible.
Adijatu Babalola, the mother of three, narrated how amazed she was to give the birth to the scripture. Only after the Bible was taken to church and then brought back, the woman delivered a girl, her fourth


Surprised locals who were present at the site were unanimously telling NTA correspondents they did see the Bible.
Oba Abdul Wahab Oyedotun of the community characterized the incident as a good omen for the people of the area adding that it is the way God sends signals saying that “this time belongs to Him”.
Festive colourful ceremonies were organized by the residents in honour of the miracle baby, with people praying for the mother and her child.
It is not the first time the reports about spiritual deliveries surface in Nigeria. Recall the story that took place last year in Ibadan, Oyo state, where a baby boy was said to have been born holding a pocket-size Qur’an in his hand.

The mother, who gave birth to the child at church, first thought the “strange” object was something devilish and threw it away. However, the baby became restless and continued to clutch his empty fist. Many people from various parts of the state travelled to Ibadan to catch a glimpse of the child.
It is worth noting that Nigerians get divided into two camps in their reactions to such reports. Some believe that we should take these incidents as divine signs. The others, however, insist this is fake information that cannot be verified.


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