A bill seeking to establish Youth Development and Empowerment Commission in Anambra State has passed second reading at the Anambra State House of Assembly.
The bill which seeks to implement a sustainable Youth development Policy in Anambra State passed second reading, today, Thursday, 13th February, 2020

Leading the debate, the sponsor of the bill, Hon. Nonso Smart Okafor said that there is a need for a strategic vision and plan of action for youth development in Anambra State.

The Lawmaker said that we cannot continue to profess that our youths are the leaders of today and key drivers of societal transformation owing to their enormous agility, courage and creativity, yet there is no robust and institutionalized youth development and empowerment plan.

The Young Lawmaker who represents Nnewi North Constituency explained that the bill will institutionalize Youth empowerment and development in the state.

He noted that the commission will have the responsibility of articulating sustainable empowerment programs for the state government that is designed to create job opportunities for the youths in the state.

He added that the commission will empower the youths in life-changing scalable skills, self-development & entrepreneurship training, and qualitative economic empowerment and start-ups.


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