Okon Abang, judge of a federal high court in Abuja, on Tuesday, granted permission to Olisa Metuh, former spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to use the toilet, minutes after he was convicted of money laundering with 7 years sentence.

The judge had just pronounced Metuh guilty on one count out of the seven counts of money laundering preferred against him when Abel Ozioko, Metuh's counsel, told the court he had an application to make.
Ozioko told the court that his client needed to use the restroom and asked the judge to grant him permission.

Abang, who already gave permission to other people to leave the courtroom, granted Metuh's request.

He ordered three security agents to accompany Metuh to the loo and gave him only 3 minutes to return.

It is a rule in Abang's court that when he is delivering a ruling or judgment, no one is permitted to move around, talk, move papers noisily or make any form of noise.

If anyone desires to leave, he or she must signify by raising a hand.

Metuh was found guilty of all the seven counts of money laundering preferred against him.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had accused Metuh of illegally receiving N400m from the office of the national security adviser.


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