Anambra state Billionaire Professor and Medical Doctor, Godwin Maduka has reiterated his commitment and dedication to accelerate infrastructural developments and enhance human capital in Anambra state. He made this statement few days ago when he spoke emphatically on his vision to build a country in state, just as he has upgraded Umuchukwu community to a state level.

His vision to build a country in the state of Anambra may not really be quite a difficult task for a person with such capacity and vast perspective on infrastructural development, especially with what he has done in the US and in his home-community, Umuchukwu, Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra state.

His input in Anambra state at the moment and in Umuchukwu his home town cannot be overemphasized. He has touched all sectors cutting across health, security, infrastructural developments, education, economy and other key areas including his humanitarian gestures and philanthropic activities.

With the construction of  two churches, one each for  Anglicans and Catholics, A Trinity Hospital and Maternity Home, standard houses for widows and the poor, Built Immaculate Conception International College 1 and 2 , with buses donated to them, built a police station for security and a magistrate court. Developed a standard market called "Afor Market", built barracks for members of staff of  the Nigeria Security and Civil Defrnce Corps(NSCDC), built two monasteries for churches and built a community centre with a community and village hall.

He also built a state high court, a post office, provided transformers to boost electricity in the community, built mighty edifices for primary and secondary school, built a palace for the monarch, civic centre, built houses for clerics of Catholic and Anglican churches, as well as other denomination.

All these things and many more are the giant strides of Dr. Godwin Maduka in Anambra State. However, If given the mantle of leadership as the Governor of Anambra state in the forthcoming Anambra Guber election, Dr. Maduka is unshaken and capacitated enough to build more sustainable infrastructures and development initiatives to make Anambra state the lead amongst every other states in Nigeria, especially in infrastructural developments.

This has also led several youth and women sociopolitical groups in Anambra state and across Orumba LGA to commence grassroot campaign, clamouring that Dr. Maduka be given an opportunity to govern Anambra state, to lead Anambra in the way of progress and development. Some of the youth groups already engaged in the campaign is Orumba Global Youth Network; a political group with so much influence amongst youth in Orumba and across Anambra state.


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