Nigeria renowned PR strategist and media guru, Alex Nwankwo, popularly referred as "AlexReports" hosted members of famous social investment group "Owu Member Clan(OMC)", at his finishwork villa in Abuja. The Nigeria Award winning media expert and family man invited members of the OMC to the celebration of the birth of his Son Churchill Onyeka who was four months old few days.

The event of the celebration of Alex's son witnessed the unveiling of the official logo of OMC, presentation of Clan Flags and also with lots of drinks foods and merriments. The gathering recorded the presence of distinguished members of the Clan, friends of members and other notable Abuja-based celebrity.

The OMC is a social investment group with a global perspective to be relevant and supportive to members using the group as a platform to promote themselves, creating impacts and making positive changes. The group recently reunited after months of challenges and have now become stronger, greater and with a more unified focus.

Few weeks ago, Owu Members Clan(OMC) held an official induction ceremony in Abuja, where members were inducted into new positions and new members presented their certificate of membership.

In a reaction from Alex Nwankwo, he expressed delightfulness at the reception and convention of members of OMC at his finishwork villa in Abuja. He delivered his promise of making the meeting and celebration worthwhile, as he used the gathering as an opportunity to appreciate God for life, haven survived death in 3 fatal accidents in 2016, 2017 and 2018 consequently.



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