The All Progressive Grand Alliance has said a former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Prof. Charles Soludo, has not informed the party of his reported intention to vie for the governorship of Anambra State in 2021.

The Anambra State Chairman of APGA, Mr Nobert Obi, said this during a stakeholders' meeting of the party at Nri in the Anaocha Local Government Area of the state.

He said as of the time he was addressing the stakeholders nobody had informed the party of Soludo's aspiration to contest the 2021 election.

The former CBN governor and an Onitsha-based estate surveyor and valuer/lawyer, Damian Okolo (both from the Southern senatorial zone of the state) are among those said to be nursing the 2021 governorship ambition.

Speaking at the stakeholders meeting, the APGA chairman, said party leaders only heard about the aspirations of these individuals in the media.

He said, "No single person has visited the party office to announce his or her governorship aspiration.

"People of substance are joining APGA in large numbers and it is a welcome development. We have heard of so many of them wanting to contest for governor in 2021, but nobody has told us he is contesting for anything.

"As far as APGA is concerned, they are on their own for now. Until such people come to the party secretariat to inform us of their aspiration, we do not know who is going to contest what."

He said the leadership of APGA was at Justice Peter Umeadi's Nri home to celebrate his one year of joining APGA, and not that the ex-Chief Judge had expressed interest in contesting any elective office.

Umeadi, who hosted over 800 women from the 326 political wards in the state, said he would vie for a public office, but did not state the office he was eyeing.

Umeadi said "One year ago, I joined APGA. After one year of being a member of the party, I feel I should begin to build my political structure and that is why I invited women from all the 179 autonomous communities in the state to introduce myself to them as a starting point.

"I joined the party just as an individual who did not have any political structure and I know that for me to realise my political ambition, I need to build a formidable structure."



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