Burdened by the challenges of access to clean water in his community and inline  with achieving the united Nations Sustainable development goal six.

An Anambra State based Business Mogul cum philanthropist and the Chairman/CEO of Oyitraco Global Concepts Limited, Mr Osita Reuben Agina (OYINATUMBA) has drilled a clean borehole water for his Oba community, he equally extended the kind gestures to St. Peters Anglican Church Oba, Idemili South, Anambra State.

OYINATUMBA as he is popularly known in his Oba community, idemili South, Anambra State noted that clean water is a basic human need, and one that should be easily accessible to all as there is sufficient fresh water on the planet to achieve this. However, due to poor infrastructure, investment and planning, every year millions of people — most of them children — die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene.

According to the United Nations, Access to water and sanitation are basic human rights and are critical sustainable development challenges. These challenges will only worsen and the impacts on people will only increase as competing demands for clean fresh water (agriculture, households, energy generation, industrial use, ecosystems) are exacerbated by the effects of climate change putting more pressure on water quality and availability. These conditions will create increasing risk for businesses, governments, communities and the environment.

The UN Stated that ''Water scarcity affects more than 40 percent of people, an alarming figure that is projected to rise as temperatures do. Ensuring universal safe and affordable drinking water involves reaching over 800 million people who lack basic services and improving accessibility and safety of services for over two billion''.

Mr Osita Reuben Agina expressed his delight in bringing the challenges of perennial water scarcity in his area to an abrupt end as it gladdens his heart whenever he sees people fetching the clean water.

He stated that his desire is to be remembered for touching and improving the lives of those who cross his path  as he inherited his philanthropic nature from his father.
His desire to giving back to the society prompted his drilling the clean borehole for St Peters Anglican Church Oba, Idemili, to ease the challenges faced by the clergy and parioshners in accessing a portable drinking water.

The borehole which was commissioned by his Lordship Rt Rev. Dr. Owen Chiedozie  Nwokolo, The Bishop on the Niger is currently meeting the water  needs of the church and its environs.

Mr Osita Reuben Agina called in well meaning individuals to always give back to the society as government alone cannot provide all the basic amenities for the citizenry


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