These are a couple of noteworthy events that have occurred in the world, ever since the widespread of the Corona Virus which has been enjoying glowing attention.

1. HIV/AIDS has been cured for the second time. The patient is based in the United Kingdom.

2. An asteroid will fly past the planet that we live in

3. There is an ongoing disaster between Saudi Arabia and Russia, which is caused by oil.

4. Dengue fever cases are increasing

5. A dinosaur which is as small as a hummingbird has been discovered.

6. Director guru, now a convicted s*x offender, Harvey Weisten has been sentenced to over 25 years to life and may die in jail

7. American soldiers and a British soldiers were murdered in Iraq. The United States president has ordered a retaliation strike which is said to be massive

8. A reform was passed by the parliament in Russia, to permit the current president, Vladmir Putin, remain as the head of state for the next 16 years (till 2036).

9. Locusts are invading Africa, but no one is paying attention.



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