The Vice-Presidential candidate of the PDP, Mr. Peter Obi has appealed to market leaders nationwide to close down the non- essential parts of their markets, leaving such essential parts as drugs and food stuff, as one of the  preventive measures towards curtailing the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in Nigeria. This appeal was contained in a release made available to the press yesterday.

Obi who commended the actions taken so far by various levels of government, expressed satisfaction with the increasing awareness among Nigerians. He  said that, with the gory stories in some parts of the world, this was a time Nigerians should make sacrifices  by deliberately curtailing all acts that were capable of increasing the transmission of the virus.

Obi who was particular about traders, appealed to them to shut markets nationwide, except those dealing on essential goods and food stuff. He said that if only those vital sectors operated, the crowds in the markets would become sufficiently reduced to be controlled through appropriate measures.

As for closure of schools and barring of social events, Obi agreed that those measures were aimed at saving lives because, according to him, ‘The fact of existence is that we must first of all be alive before we talk about other existential activities.”

Obi sympathised with all the victims of the deadly virus worldwide, and commended the responsiveness and cooperation of various world leaders and governments globally towards fighting the common enemy – Coronavirus. He said it would be a thing of joy to witness the continued working together among the peoples of the world to defeat other common enemies, such as hunger and unemployment.

Saying that he has followed the various prayers of the Pope, as well as his “Urbi et Orbi” blessings to Rome and to the whole world, Obi called on all the religious groups to remain prayerful to God not to forsake His children.


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