Almost 200 North Korean soldiers have been killed by coronavirus as the killer bug sweeps the isolated regime, according to reports.

The secretive state has not recorded a single case of coronavirus since it surfaced in neighbouring China in late December. Fears of a catastrophic outbreak are growing as South Korea confirmed it is the second most infected nation in the world with more than 7,000 cases.

And now a source in North Korea has claimed the Covid-19 strain of coronavirus has killed 180 soldiers, while more than 3,700 have been quarantined, the Daily NK reports.

 The death toll was reportedly revealed in a document sent by army medics to the regime's military bosses. Disturbingly, the source claimed the North Korean military is struggling to cremate the dead soldiers as there are 'just too many bodies'.

'I haven't heard of corpses being cremated in military hospitals,' the source said. 'The military leadership likely believes that suddenly asking the hospitals to cremate all the bodies would create a big headache for medical staff.'

 It comes after a flight carrying dozens of diplomats fleeing North Korea arrived in Russia today.


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