While most churches in Anambra State on Sunday held normal Sunday services and masses, despite warnings against the convergence of a large gathering by the federal government, as a way of beating the coronavirus disease, Rmema Deliverance Mission has said that service may onwards be held on the social media platform, WhatsApp.
Anambra State reports that even though the church was full to capacity as a result of a three-day crusade, which held in the church, the pastor, Dr Amaechi Nwachukwu said if the virus continues, the church may have to resort to holding worship on WhatsApp.
Dr Amaechi said, “We may need to open a WhatsApp group for this church because if what is happening in the world persists, we may need to stop holding church services. With the WhatsApp, we can be holding services and communicating with each other without meeting physically.
“We urge you to drop your home addresses too, so that if we have to cut down on large gatherings, then I as the pastor can be visiting members at home to pray for them and also share the gospel.”

Source: Dailypost


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