The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) chieftain, chief Ben Obi, popularly known as "Mbuze Agulu" has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to mandate all politicians that has been affected by  CoronaVirus to be taken to health centers in their immediate constituencies.

In Nigeria, monies allocated for public infrastructures such as construction of standard roads , good hospitals with adequate medical facilities are looted each year by our selfish opportunistic politicians and leaders.

Billions of Naira is budgeted and allocated every year for hospital facilities and equipment, yet big as Nigeria is, the country has less than 500 hospital ventilating machines across every State in the Nation.

The pandemic CoronaVirus, ravaging the whole world has opened the eyes of our public office-holders to what the masses go through everyday with our poor health system. They have now all learnt by force because, they never envisaged that time will come when they cannot run overseas for medical attention.

 As my fellow Nigerians will say in Pigin English, "Body go tell them", I will personally advocate that any Nigerian politician who tests positive to COVID-19 should be taken to a health centre in his or her constituency for treatment. 

I hope by the end of all these, our leaders will learn and 

1) Stop embezzlement of medical funds

2) Increase attention towards healthcare services.

3) Improve our health cares system.


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