US based Beauty Queen and humanitarian, Queen Krystal Okeke, the founder of America Kids Multicultural Fashion show has partnered with Beebah Foundation to reach out to children across several communities in Nigeria. Few days ago her organization identified and issued academic scholarship to a widow's daughter in s Nigeria following a pledge she made during Police Officers wives Association empowerment program held early this year in Kaduna

During the humanitarian outreach and impact initiative to support children and parents who are challenged with inadequate funds to access good and standard education, children and beneficiaries expressed appreciation to Beebah Foundation and Queen Okeke Krystal for the goodwill, kindheart and charitable gesture they extended to them.
One of the kids who spoke with our AlexReports during the outreach noted that her education would have be long abandoned and her dreams to become relevant would have been eventually shattered. She thanked Queen Okeke Krystal and Beebah foundation for giving her the opportunity through the scholarship she received. Still reacting to the gesture, she promised to make the foundation and her majesty proud by being amongst the best in her academic pursuit.
Queen Krystal Okeke's team and Beebah Foundation were quite delighted at the reaction and responsive gestures expressed by beneficiaries of the outreach initiative. They both thanked the school administration for the reception and honour as they promised to extend and continue the project, so as to promote and improve more lives in Nigeria and beyond.                             Watch Video



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