Tragedy struck in the commercial city of Onitsha when a tipper carrying sand lost control and crushed a man to death The incident happened on late evening hours of Friday 6th March 2020.

 Those at the scene said that the heavy truck was coming down from MCC when the driver lost control of the vehicle and crushes the victim to death The upper-iweka axis have seen some tragedies in recent times, the most notable of it being the tanker that fell and spilled it contents with explosion which destroyed more than #1billion naira worth of goods at the Ochanja International market and people also lost their lives in the tragedy 

The steady occurrence of heavy trucks accident in this particular area can be attributed to the sloppy nature of the Onitsha - Enugu express way from MCC down to Bridge head (the River Niger Bridge) Even though the Anambra state government have constructed multiple speed road bumps to limit the speed of vehicles in this area, some drivers especially truck drivers jumps this road bumps with reckless abandon.

 I think it is high time trucks should be banned from operating in the day time for they have killed more innocent souls than any other road accident in Nigeria


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