Top Nigeria Model and Ex Beauty Queen, Her Majesty, Queen Nneze Richards has taken a delightful holiday trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirate and a visit to London in the United kingdom. Queen Nneze released videos and photos of her amazing and fun-filled experience overseas few days ago.

The Enugu state born ex beauty Queen and super model told State Press that the experience she had was overwhelming and quite expository. She described the holiday trip as one like never before, considering the exquisite 7star services she received, both at the Buckingham Palace in London and "dinner in the sky luxury relaxation at the Burj in Dubai. As well as her memorable skydiving.

Her luxury and executive lifestyle is one which so many Beauty Queens may be unable to meet up with. Although, she remains a true definition for a vibrant and ambitious visionary lady, focused on result oriented engagements and prospective initiatives for improving lives and encouraging developments, especially through her extension of charity and humanitarian gestures. She established an NGO, to ensure a responsive vision of charity towards the underprivileged persons.

Queen Nneze has received several honorable recognitions, awards and notable commendations for her strides in modeling and pageantry. In 2015 she emerged winner of Miss Independence Nigeria and also won Face of The World Nigeria, an internationally recognized pageant contest, featuring several colourful events, which included the parades of top models and fashion designers.


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