The Nigerian Institute of Physics has allayed fears that the Fifth-Generation Communication Network (5G) is linked to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world.

There has been several negative narratives and theories around the 5G network all over the world on the dangers posed by the innovation.

The NIP made the clarification at a press conference in Kaduna on Tuesday, saying instead the world will gain a lot from the innovation.

According to the President of NIP,  Prof Hycienth Ogbu Aboh, the institute does not believe that wireless communication of whatever generation now or in the nearest future was exposing mankind to any more radiation energy. 

He said, "We do not in particular believe that the low energy packets and intensity from 5G antennas will transform to an organised aggregate of DNA molecules that constitute the Coronavirus as being peddled currently.

"There was a pandemic in 1919, hundred years before 5G.

"The institute is fully aware that any technological innovation is a product of rigorous scientific research and that before any technology is deployed for public consumption, adequate studies on its short and long-term health and environmental implications must have been conducted by relevant competent authorities."


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