Anambra State born and American base popular medical practitioner, Dr. Godwin Maduka, has said that he will create multiple streams of income generation if elected governor of the state come 2022
The guber hopeful, popularly known as the lion of Africa made this assertion through his official Facebook page
“I had earlier said….. if elected Governor of Anambra State that I’ll create multiple streams of revenue that will make our State less depend on Federal allocations. I’ll create new major sources of revenue, improve and expand existing ones to make Anambra State a more self reliant and progressives economy. “
Anambra State is blessed by God with so many resources that when harnessed properly, will fetch us unimaginable revenue.

As a medical expert, I’ll make Anambra State a medical tourist destination: “If I’m elected the Governor of Anambra State, I will ensure that Anambrarians and Nigerians stop traveling to India and other countries for medical treatments for life threatening cases that affect the heart, liver, kidney, prostrate, diabetes, etc. The services will henceforth be done here in Anambra State qand will equally bring down the cost of oversea treatments of such diseases and also ensure timely arrest/prevention of the escalation of the illnesses to irreversible level. I will also apply my contact and expertise in the area of spine (spinal cord) and pain management to the benefit of Anambrarians especially the aging population. Other countries will now have to come to Anambra State for serious medical cases the way they go to India. This will generate a lot of revenue for our State”.
Another area that I will bring my influence to bear is in the establishment of pharmacitical industries. This will not only create jobs for the thousands of jobless but well qualified youths, but will be an effective measure in the battle against fake drugs especially in our State and will also boost our economy.

On Agriculture, The Administration under my leadership will designate huge amount of land in every local government, use government funds to acquire tractors, combine harvesters and other farm equipments and build silos near the farms. Then, the farms will be put under the authority of Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture thereby strengthening it and will also be managed by professionals in collaboration with the respective local government Chairmen. This initiative will not only reduce hunger in Anambra State but will also boost our economy and increase our Internal Generated Revenue (IGR).

We will also partner with genuine companies to establish Food Stuff Processing Plants in the respective Local Government Areas. This will not only help us to create jobs, process agricultural products and create revenue for Anambra State but will also enable farmers reduce their loses through damages and decay of their products before they get to the final consumers.

Another major source of revenue which will cushion the effect of the ever unstable oil price is the receipt of foreign grants. This is another area that I’ll bring my wide and influential global contacts anchored on my personality and integrity to attract to the benefit of all. We cannot forget in a haste what Mr Peter Obi’s regime achieved through this major source of funding.

Anambra State therefore cannot continue to rely solely on the Federal Government allocations.
Any State that is solely dependent on such allocations will suffer now that the price of crude oil has crashed.
This is why we need a visionary, purposeful and resourceful leader that will navigate us to economic boom.


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