Popular and influential Anambra state based Identical Twins, Okafor Uju and Okafor Oby have marked their birthday today. The beautiful and industrious twins have released amazing photos of themselves, as they receive countless birthday wishes, prayers and gestures from fans, friends, and family members, from within Anambra state and across the world.
In a post by the duo in the earlier hours of today, 22nd of April 2020, the Awka based stunning twins expressed gratitude to God for yet another year of grace. They noted in the post that though they may have been through hell and back, but God had continue to put the crown of beauty on their head. They however called on friends, colleagues and family members to join them in appreciating God Almighty, and who doesn't fail but shows himself strong in our lives.
Describing God in the post the twins maintained that no matter what they had been through, the mercy of God had always been there to guide and direct them in all. The twins also expressed how joyful they were, to be alive today. The post further reads, "we are grateful for the enemies and frenemies, and we are grateful you all made us beautiful. Happy Birthday to us, for our shine is just beginning.
The enterprising, innovative, iconic and adorable twins have been described via the loads of birthday wishes and admonishments as angelic, kindhearted, industrious, exceptional, and a loving and socially lively. The duo have continue to set exemplary standards to encourage youngsters into engaging success through focus and right-living.

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