Anambra State Commissioner for Health Dr. Vincent Okpala has assured the people of close and daily monitoring of the 39 contacts of the COVID-19 index case in the state.

He said the ministry had received cooperation from the index case who, he said, was receiving attention.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, Okpala said three of the 39 contacts were outside the state, promising protection of their identities in line with international standard practice.

He said some of them were quarantined in the state facilities while others were in what he called self-quarantine.

“As at Wednesday night, we have 39 contacts, but three are outside the state. We’ve made contact with all of them and we are following up with them on daily basis.

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“Some are on self-quarantine in their homes, while others are in protective centres, all are known to us and we are following up on them. We see them on daily basis to monitor their temperature, and other health issues.

“We must protect the identity of our patients. The government has never divulged any information with regards to the index case, not even the gender, nor the hospital.

“What is important to us is that we have an index case, who is receiving the best attention possible, and the hospitals in question have been identified and have been decontaminated.

“We’re following up with contact tracing. We’ve got maximum cooperation from the index case with respect to that.

“We’re in touch with the contact we have so far, and we’re doing the standard things that need to be done.”


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