With the ongoing hardship and economic struggles created by the recent Covid19 outbreak in Nigeria and across the globe, the Zero Hunger Project of Big Church Foundation has been relaunched, as its Team visit households in rural communities across Ogun state to distribute foods and other relief materials.

Appreciating "Teamzerohunger", the founder and chairman of the Foundation, Dr. Olakunle Churchill noted that he was quite overwhelmed at the sacrifices and efforts made to ensure that the project was relaunched, especially now that the pandemic may have created several challenges on survival and food affordability.

He explained that though he wasn't in the country, but was indeed impressed at the impact of the project.  The team of Zero Hunger Project visited homes and distributed bags of rice and other relief materials. Encouraged families and advised them to remain at home and engage social distancing until the war against the dreaded coronavirus come to an end.

According to the project manager, he described the outreach as one like never before, expressing thankfulness to fellow team members for the the courage, as they worked under the rain, distributing the relief materials to persons who were really in need of the humanitarian gesture.

The founder did also in his statement note that the "Zero Hunger Project", will be expanded to house to house and communities across Ogun, with a zeal to touch lives and reduce the challenges faced by Nigerians in this trying times created by the covid19 pandemic outbreak. He further encouraged Nigerians to maintain collective efforts and obedience to constituted authorities, especially in adhering to the stay at home policy of FG  to help contain the spread of the virus in Nigeria.


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