This year’s Easter provides us with a special opportunity to connect with the Lord Jesus Christ and seek his face as we contain the Corona Virus pandemic which is ravaging the world.

When Jesus arose from the dead after being crucified, a voice echoed through the universe, “It is finished!” Jesus left hell in shambles—totally and completely devastated.The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ demonstrates God’s power over all creation, and circumstances, even infirmity, and death.

The unusual interruption in the celebration of Easter this year which has seen many people confined to their homes and many others battling for survival, calls for more prayers and repentance.

As we celebrate this great day of sacrifice and spiritual renewal, l want to enjoin us all to use this period for thorough introspection and re-dedicate ourselves doing what is right for God,humanity and our country.Therefore, in these times of  crisis, we must stand with each other as the answer to the pandemic lies in our unity.

Christ is Risen!
Happy Easter Umunne!

#Stay Safe
#Keep safe

Mr.Godwin Chukwunenye Ezeemo
CEO Orient group of companies


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