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"Nwoke oma. Chukwu anyi gana echekwaba gi, na agozi gi." An aged widow said as the bag of rice was handed over to her at her door step.

A widow by name Mrs Catherine, who couldn't hold her tears of joy, danced joyfully as she received the items. "Ihea n'ile for me? Dokita Maduka, omere nwa ogbonye. Chukwu anyi gana agozi gi ooo!." Mrs Catherine exclaimed joyfully as she received food items from Dr. Maduka Foundation.

"I Neva chop since yesterday, but my worry no be for me, na for my wife and children wey dey hungry and no food. I be keke rider (Tricyclist) and I never work for weeks now since this lockdown. This bag of rice and things to cook am go help my family. Kai. God go bless Doctor Maduka for me, I no fit thank am enough." A visibly weakened man, Mr. Oragwuncha was seen saying, as he received the palliative package from Dr. Maduka Foundation.

The commendation and prayers go on and on, as people keep thanking God for Dr. Godwin Maduka.

Over the past few weeks, several lives have been touched, through the palliative efforts of Dr. Maduka Foundation. A man known for his unmatched philantropist gestures, he didn't fail to extend his hands of love to people during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All over the state, people are at home, and people are hungry. Dr. Maduka, being a great humanitarian, has marshaled out good strategies that saw to the downtrodden and needy in various local governments of Anambra state are assisted via cash and food donations.

The exercise which started with direct distribution of food items in Orumba South; Owerre Ezukala, Ogbunka, Umuchukwu and other towns in Orumba South Local Government area has spread to all other local governments of the state. The aim is to reach out to the poor and indigent persons in the nooks and crannies of these local governments, and help reduce the suffering of people.

So far, truck loads of these items have been shared, and several lives impacted.

In his words, "Distribution of Palliative materials, food stuffs inclusive would become a continuous process." A man, known for matching his words with action, Dr. Godwin  Maduka foundation has not ceased to do so as each day passes, hundreds of bags of these items is been distributed daily.

Aside the food items, Dr. Godwin Maduka Foundation has also given out millions in cash transfer to widows in Anambra state, each widow receiving N10,000. To the glory  of God, many lives has been positively affected.

As the saying goes, it's one thing to have, and it's another thing to have the craving to give. Dr. Maduka continues to show us the true act of love, by his magnanimity.

We all pray that the Good Lord, continue to bless him for all his goodness, Amen.



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