About 72 per cent of Nigerians have expressed concern over lack of food , economic hardship and hunger during the ongoing lockdown in the Abuja, Lagos and Ogun states .

A survey conducted by NOIPolls and published on Tuesday gauged the level of concern of Nigerians about the lockdown order .

Findings indicated that others worry over the survival of those whose livelihood depends on daily hustling .
The opinion poll on COVID- 19 to gauge the perception of Nigerians revealed that almost all adult Nigerians ( 99 per cent ) were aware of the outbreak of coronavirus disease in the country.

"With regards to concerns with the lockdown, 72 per cent of respondents specified that they have concerns about the lockdown. These concerns included lack of food for the poor ( 40 per cent) , that people will die of hunger ( 21 per cent ) , of economic hardship ( 13 per cent ) and the survival of those whose livelihood depends on daily hustling ( nine per cent ) amongst other concerns mentioned ," the report stated .


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