Anambra Update reports that the Anambra State Ministry of Transport has intercepted a transport company in Awka for attempting to convey passengers to Lagos and other parts of the country, in violation of the lockdown directive by the government.

According to Anambra Update reports, the inteception was made by the surveillance team of the ministry who patrolled the various parks and boundaries in the state to ensure compliance with the the Covid-19 directives of the government.

Five members of the transport company were arrested while issuing out tickets to customers.

Anambra State Commissioner for Transport, Dr Christian Mmadubuko in company of some task force members of the ministry expressed dissapointment over the attitude of desperate businessmen who disobey government directives and endanger the lives of the people over material gains. He assured that the said company will be made to face full wrath of the law according to the Anambra State COVID-19 Law.

The commissioner who was shocked that people still travel to different parts of the country at this period, warned transporters and passengers in the state to adhere strictly to the state government's directive and remain indoors.



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