As Our dear Good working Governor is doing good work in other parts of Anambra STATE please Let him remember Nawfija, Ufuma, Ogbunka back to Nawfija Ezikpo B/Stop ROADS that has Suffered great Neglect since the old Anambra Jim Nwodo time till the Creation of New Anambra STATE these link Roads has NEVER recieved touch of any kind.
So I Ofiadiulu Joe Abiriba OMECHILI of Umuoma and Umuezeogbu village Nawfija extraction in this CLARION CALL hereby plead with our Dear Hardworking Governor Chief Willy Maduaburochukwu Obiano (Akpokuo Dike Gburugburu) and his Team of Great Achievers to do justice to these Roads.
Alot of Farm Produce comes from these Areas. Please these ROADS need total Construction.
Even Ozi River Bridge was Constructed by Nawfija Town Self EFFORTS way back early 80s when I was in Primary School Engr Henry Okpukpara of Ohukabia village Nawfija played a pivotal roll in bringing that Bridge to the State and strong standing where it is today connecting Nawfija and Ogbunka Towns as we speak today. But Erosion is seriously dealing with Ugwu Ozi River that if care is not taken it will affect the life Span of that Bridge Constructed by Nawfija Town Community EFFORT.
You might feel who this unknown man disturbing the peace of Anambra South Political Forum and Anambra STATE Political Platform on whatsapp but remember that (Ubochi amuru Dike na Mba ka amuru ibe ya).
Hon. Bar Chukwudi Ugwa (Ugwakome) from Ohukabia village Nawfija was one time Deputy Speaker Anambra STATE House of Assembly did try his best for these ROADS but the short period he was there did not afford him the opportunity to do much, he only graded the road in Nawfija but dust nearly killed us during Christmass that year because no much time for him to perform, this happened during Governor Mbadinuju tenure.
So Our Dear Governor I do communicate with your people the likes Chief Cyril Obiano, Mr Onyeka Obiano, Chief Evaristus Obiano, Hon Suny Obi I believe before your tenure runs out Sir I will meet with you one on one.
But Sir those Roads are very usefull to Anambra STATE since Agriculture has taken Center stage of our dear state economic expansion please do something URGENTLY to this effect.
Thanking you Our Dear Governor in Anticipation because I Strongly believe you will do something this time. This my 5th tmes request on these ROADS. Thanks God bless and guide our Dear Governor, God Bless All Anambrarian and God Bless Nigeria.


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