Paseka Motsoeneng, a South African clergy known also as Pastor Mboro, has reportedly as for money so he can travel to hell to kill the demon responsible for coronavirus.

KenyaUpdates, reports that Mboro, the pastor of Incredible Happenings Ministries, requested $100,000 as transportation fare to hell.

According to the cleric, the real cause of the disease is a demon in hell, so there's no need to waste money on research.

"I am ready to save mankind, I have seen a vision of how the Corona demon looks like and I will defeat it," Mboro said.

"There is no need for worrying and expensive research. The real problem is the demon causing this disease and I'm ready to kill it once and for all."

He also said that the money should be ready by April.

Meanwhile, Mboro had earlier claimed that he was told by God just before the pandemic broke out, the SouthAfrican had reported.

"God said to me there's going to be outbreaks. Outbreaks that will even cause hospitals to kill doctors and nurses. That's the time we should be seeking God," he reportedly said in a sermon.

"I listened to the president saying public meetings are banned for health reasons. God said this outbreak will happen this year. So it didn't take me by surprise. We've been preparing and praying.

"God gave me a way to pray for the president, saying that the storms that are coming are going to be heavy. What we need to do is take better care of ourselves and listen to what we're being told."


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