Africa has registered it first same se.x marriage between clergymen as a South African Anglican priest known as John Maierepi is now officially married to his long term Kenyan fiance known Pastor Paul Mwaura.

They were joined in a holy matrimony by another Priest and their wedding was well attended.

Meanwhile, the African continent had opposed the same se.x marriage since it was allegedly imposed on them by the President Barrack Obama of the United States' led-administration in 2013/2014.

Ever since then, many African countries including Nigeria have enacted a law to criminalise same se.x marriage with many setting death sentence as punishment.

But today, the story is different as seen between the Clergymen of Kenya and South Africa. Wonders will never end. Are today men of God, really men of God as they claim? Or they are men of gods?
Imagine your male church pastor coming to ask your (male) hand in marriage?

Or, imagine yourself attending a wedding between two male Pastors, ah! The world is coming to an end.

See their photos below…


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