This review is based on social distancing.

Space travelers: are the scientists who choose to remain outside of this planet for up to a year; even though the COVID-19 will wipe out the human population from Erath, space travelers will decolonize the earth if the travelers have males and females of childbearing ages.

Village farmers: village farmers will choose to remain in their farms for up to a year, even though the epidemic reaches the worst scenario. Since the airborne COVID-19 may need 40 minutes to travel in the air to reach the farm, it will die in this way, and science proves that it doesn't last for more than 30 minutes in the air.

Herdsmen: these people have a robust immune system, but apart from that, they are always in the forest tending to their animals, which is enough to qualify then as practicing social distancing. They also plant food crops in their temporary locations. No herdsmen have been reported to have contracted coronavirus.

Antisocials: these people naturally avoid coming close to others. They don't attend a social gathering, they work from home, they own a ride, cook their meals, and observe safety precautions, and their chances of coming in contact with COVID-19 is meager.

Dwellers in Antarctica: we saw the news about Antarctica being the only continent not affected by COVID-19 last week



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