In its renewed efforts to eradicate the sales of substandard, fake and adulterated lubricants, The Anambra State Government through the office of the SSA to the Governor on Nupeng Petroleum and Union Matters headed put measures in place to effectively clap down on the sale of lubricants or materials claimed to be lubricants in unbranded, unlabeled packs or plastic bottles in open market areas or roadside stands.

The Anambra State Government is continuing with its enlightenment campaign aimed at dissuading the public from using unbranded lubricants and the dangers of patronising unlicensed retailers.

In a joint statement issued by Hon. Peter Nwosu, the SSA to the Governor on Nupeng Petroleum and Union Matters stated that the state government will synergy with the relevant Federal regulatory agencies in stepping up supervision of base oil importation in the attempt to ensure base oils go only to licensed lube blenders, rather than ending up in the hands of vendors who pass the raw product off as finished lubricants.

He noted that the production, importation and sales of fake, substandard and adulterated lubricants is a very flourishing illegal business in the state which has led to* economic losses, increased emissions, malfunctioning of the engine, failure of components, safety problems and deterioration of performance and parts of engines using the adulterated products.
In the same vein, Amb Timothy Nwachukwu, The Executive Assistant to the Governor on Nupeng Petroleum & Union Matters stressed that officials of the State Government shall increase the frequency of quality assurance visits to blending plants in a bid to ensure that Anambrarians are getting value for their hard earned money.
The state Government further calls on the general public who are the end users and victims of sharp practices occasioned by the sales and distribution of substandard lubricant to alert the state government for a prompt and decisive action as the state government is committed to protecting the economic interest of Anambrarians.


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