Dear Gentlemen Prospective Corps Members and Corps members, hope you are all fine and staying at home. 

This is to Inform all of you that NYSC is still at hold as part of preventive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, No cds meeting and no monthly biometric clearance till further notice NYSC will pay your monthly allowance for the Next two months without CDS meetings and monthly clearance Please note that 2020 Batch 'A'Stream 1 will return to orientation camp to complete their course when Coronavirus is over. For 2020 Batch 'A'Stream 2,if you have not seem your call up number or unable to Complete your registration, do not panic! The NYSC offices are closed due to Lockdown. 

When the Pandemic is over, another opportunity will be given to you to complete your registration and pick states of choice. Please, beware of redeployment fraudsters operating on WhatsApp groups. 

This is a message for all NYSC members, both Prospective Corps Member and Corps Members. 



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