Popular Abuja Based comedian, Radio Presenter, and notable entertainer, Ambassador Wahala, popularly known for mimicking the the wife of Former Nigeria President, HE Patience Jonathan, has counted the losses which the entertainment industry is yet experiencing as a result of the global pandemic which has making huge negative impact on the nations economy

 In the lamentations of Amb. Wahala, he noted that the entertainment industry could be the most hit sector, as restrictions on most social activities, events, occasions and entertainment concerts remain in place. He however urged the federal government and relevant institutions to initiate proactive concerns that will help support the sector as well as key player in the entertainment industry.

He also appreciated the supplementary efforts made by entertainers to support the downtrodden, especially with series of giveaways to fans and charity initiatives to support vulnerable persons, but he also emphasized that entertainers may be the ones to suffer more in the long run. He however asked the government to consider loan facilities and assistance for persons in the creative arts industry.

In his moody expressions, he called on entertainers to voiceout and support the campaign of seeking support from government, stressing that the industry and key players may become bankrupt soon. He cited instances, narrating that several actors, comedians, singers may not be able to feed and assist their families without shows, event and other ways through which they get funds.

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