Nigeria-international gospel Artist, Host of NOW International Concert and a Humanitarian, Amb. Phil Roberts, has been appointed as Deputy Chairman of the African Union-Economic, Social and Cultural Council (AU-ECOSOCC). He was appointed on the 19th of May 2020, during the inauguration ceremony of AU-ECOSOCC Nigeria Covid19 Response Team, on behalf of the 3rd Permanent General Assembly, held in FCT.

Amb. Phil Roberts was appointed to deputise the Chairman, Mr. Chimene Samuel for AU-ECOSOCC Data Gathering, Advocacy & Campaign. According to the statement, signed by Dr. Tunji John Asaolu, the first Nigerian Representative of the 3rd Permanent General Assembly, he noted that the responsibilities of AU-ECOSOCC Data Gathering, Advocacy & Campaign would be premised on analyzing reports from across the nation, AU-ECOSOCC Covid-19 Situation Room, Advocacy & Community Campaign Strategies, Media and Public Awareness.

The new Deputy Chairman of African Union-Economic, Social and Cultural Council (AU-ECOSOCC) on Data Gathering, Advocacy & Campaign has appreciated the 3rd general Assembly of the AU for considering fit for such a well-deserved responsibility. He assured the Union that his impact and approaches will make indelible significance, especially on areas of advocacy, campaign and data analysis that will support resolution to the Covid19 pandemic in Nigeria.

Amb. Phil Roberts has immediately held a strategic meeting with his team, with regards to exigent response for the effective delivery of the task on data gathering, advocacy and campaign. This is in view of the necessitated improvements to boost efforts made to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak across Africa and in Nigeria.

The Economic, Social and Cultural Council+ECOSOCC, is an advisory body of the African Union designed to give civil society organizations a voice within AU institutions and decision-making processes. With the recent Covid19 pandemic, the institution is working round the clock, engaging strategic approaches and adopting tactical initiatives to effectively ensure that the situation and effects on Africans are managed to the bearest minimum.


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