Residents in Anambra will get awards for reporting anyone who defies Covid-19 restrictions to sneak across closed boundaries into the state. The move is to help Anambra beat the spread of coronavirus. The Digital Entrepreneurship Officer of the state, Ifeanyi Aniagoh, said, “To support the Government’s effort to curb possible spread of COVID-19 pandemic and any form of influx of persons into Anambra especially through informal boundary routes thereby exposing the State to the risk of imported community spread of the virus, we are starting a special giveaway tagged “Report and Win”. “It’s a simple game that will contribute a lot to stopping the infiltration of our dear State by friends and family whose entry into the State at this time could lead to the deaths of thousands if they end up spreading the deadly Coronavirus.

“It’s on record that Anambra State Government has done a great deal to ensure that we are safe in this trying time and all that’s required of every citizen is to ensure that none of their relatives brings Coronavirus into the State.” “We shall be giving out free prizes to anyone who reports a new returnee into the State. “For every complete details of a returnee, you get N5,000; and if the person is tracked down by the Security Agencies, you get N10,000. Anyone can win as much as possible,” he said. According to him,entering into Anambra State at this time is an offence and every returnee has family and friends. He added that anyone who enters with the virus undetected can easily trigger a community spread especially now that lockdown has been eased. Aniagoh said five person have so far reached out to him with credentials of persons who returned from outside the state, and that he had given the details to security agencies for investigation.



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