Aboatulu Kindred Meeting (Women Wing), Avomimi village in Enugwu-Ukwu in Njikoka local government area, Anambra state, Monday, provided palliatives to one hundred persons including a centenarian to cushion the effects of coronavirus pandemic.

The beneficiaries which included women entrepreneurs, the indigent and the aged, received cash gifts, bags of rice, among others, were equally educated on COVID- 19 protocols including hand washing, social distancing, use of face masks and others, and how to improve their daily income through mechanised agriculture.

Speaking at the event which also witnessed prayers against spread of COVID-19, the President of Aboatulu Kindred Meeting (Women Wing), Mrs Joy Mbachi, stated that the pandemic was not a death sentence, hence needless to create panic among people or  stigmitise victims of COVID-19.

“What we need is to create more awareness on how to handle this situation at hand. Our people are already aware of it and adequately comply to the preventive measures stated by WHO. That is why we are creating more awareness on this. It is continuous. Those not given palliatives or empowerment today shall get it on our next meeting.  We are also encouraging our women who have nothing doing to learn skills. We are going to empower them to setup or sustain the business.
“A lot of us with various skills are ready to impact them on others. Some have been taught how to make snacks and soaps. We are grateful to our husbands at home and diaspora who supported the drive of the women leadership to achieve their goal. We remembered them in our prayers today. We also prayed against the spread of coronavirus. We also begged God to provide the world with its cure or totally eradicate it from earth,” Mbachi added.

She further appealed to Anambra state government to tighten security at borders in order to forestall influx of people as well as prevent spread of coronavirus pandemic in the state.
In separate interviews, the oldest woman in Aboatulu, Mrs Nwabugwu Okafor, aged  118; the grandmatron, Mrs Elizabeth Okafor, aged 93; Mrs race Anagor, Vice President and Mrs Patty Anagor; thanked executive of the group for the training and empowerment, assuring that they would spread the message to others.


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