Managing Director, Anambra Traffic Management Agency (ATMA), Pat Obiefuna has described as unimaginable the height of desperation by individuals in a bid to beat the enforcement officials at the various borders of the state.

Obiefuna said it was despicable seeing people smuggled through the borders in containers meant for carrying goods.
He however said such ugly experiences were gradually reducing with the recent injection of government political appointees to assist in safeguarding the borders.

He said, “Governor Obiano decided to inject poliltical appointees on border patrol to ensure enough monitoring because what one eye sees won’t confirm what exactly it is unless confirmed by another person.
“Even though I can’t say there’s compromises among the security agencies unless there’s formal report on that. But I know that a lot of sanity has come with the new arrangement,” he said.
“It is however disappointing that despite restriction on interstate movement, people still take advantage of the free movement within the state to commit all forms of crime.

“Some go as far as using container to carry human beings, all in the guise they are carrying goods. This is to say the least, despicable.
“It’s painting a picture as if the government doesn’t love the people. That’s why they are carrying out the rigorous checks. But actually, it’s the other way around. it’s out of love of the government has for the citizens that we’re thoroughly checking the borders.
“Besides, after declaring the index case negative, we want to maintain that status by ensuring there are no intruder from the borders into our state.”

He further allayed fears of any conflicts between the security agencies and the civilians, having undergone intensive briefing before recruitment.
“Before the civilians were recruited, they were briefed on their assignment as well as the security agencies that the appointees were only to play a supportive role.
“It’s not to witch-hunt. Instead, it’s synergy at work. Otherwise, you would have been hearing some other things. But so far so good. There’s that understanding,” Obiefuna added.



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