-To  create medical tourism:

The idea of medical tourism is aimed at improving the standard of  health care delivery and boosting the revenue potential of our dear State ~ Dr. Godwin Maduka(CEO and Medical Director Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Centre USA).

As an expert in the medical field, I already have plans  to boost the economy of Anambra State  through medical tourism and raise  health care to world standard.
I have been able to single-handedly build with my God given wealth through medical practice a 17 storey Medical Research Centre in my hometown, Umuchukwu in Orumba South Local Government of Anambra State.
The Medical Research Centre when fully operational will be the largest medical research centre in  West Africa.

The Medical Research Centre will  attract key experts (both foreign and local) to handle the medical challenges of our people including the  haves and have-nots from all parts of Nigeria and beyond which will also trigger growth in other complementary industries.
 You can imagine what I will do with the State resources in the development of our dear State if given the opportunity to serve.

If  elected Governor of Anambra State, I will create a conducive  environment to dissuade Anambrarians and other Nigerians from travelling to India and other countries for medical treatments for life threatening cases  that affect the heart, liver, kidney, prostate etc. The services can be transferred to Anambra State and will equally reduce the cost of oversea treatment of such diseases and also ensure timely arrest/prevention of  escalation of such illnesses to irreversible level. I will also apply my contact and expertise in the area of spine (spinal cord) and pain management to the benefit of Anambrarians especially the aging population.

Another area that I will bring my influence to bear is in the establishment of pharmaceutical industries. This will not only create jobs for  thousands of jobless but well qualified youths, but will be an effective measure in the battle against fake drugs especially in Anambra State.

 Indeed, with adequate legislation, I will subsidise the cost of accessing  standard health care in Anambra State for Ndi Anambra if elected Governor. ~ Dr. Godwin Maduka.



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