There was strict compliance with Federal government nationwide curfew in Awka and environs last night.

According to our correspondent who monitored the level of compliance, as early as half past seven o’clock in the night, people were seen hurrying home from their different destinations.

At UNIZIK Temporary Site Awka, bread and fruit sellers who normally stay beyond nine o’clock vacated the area before quarter to eight while few Keke and shuttle drivers who were still around started heading home.

The story was the same at Arromma Junction, Nkwo Amaenyi, Six-Thirty Market, Eke Awka and Kwata junction.

At Arromma Junction, Few people who were trying to beat time were seen negotiating with few Keke drivers for a drop at the cost of between seven hundred and one thousand naira.

At Emma Nnaemeka, Ichide and Majua Streets, pharmacy stores, bars and restaurants closed before quarter to eight o’clock.

Some Police vehicles were seen patrolling Zik and Arthur Eze Avenues, obviously to enforce the curfew as earlier notified by the statePolice Command.



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