As Nigeria and the world applaud the outstanding entrepreneurial capacity and might of some young prospective youths, Mr. Chiedozie Akwiwu, a versatile investor and an innovative mind cannot be left out, as he joins the 'A' list of vibrant youths driven by the zeal of successful engagements and prospective investments.

With chains of successful businesses and innovative investments, as well as records of impact operations in the last 10years, anyone could practically say that Mr. Chiedozie Akwiwu is currently in the reality of the dreams nurtured in his formative years. As an Accountant, after graduating from the renowned Imo State University in Owerri, Imo state, Mr. Chiedozie has placed his might on several sectors and facets of the economy, until he resolved to develop his own vision.

Some years ago he had designed and built few notable organizations that are currently making prospective strides and contributing significantly to the growth and development of the economy, with regards to providing employment opportunities and empowerment. Amongst some his investments in this few years is Doak Integrated Resource Limited. An organization that has been strategically positioned in the business of warehouse management, logistics, real estate, processing facilities and export of agro commodities to different countries.

He also designed Paynergy Nigeria Limited, the foremost online mobile institution in Nigeria that allows households and businesses across Nigeria pay for their energy bills conveniently. According to Chiedozie, Paynergy was a creative idea and that was brought into reality, so as to remedy the challenges associated with utility bill payments in Nigeria. He also established the Nigeria Made Hub, which he designed as a complex to market and sell Nigeria made products to customers and consumers all over the world.

Another amongst the fleet of companies also includes Puragon Oil and Gas. However, one can easily describe Mr. Chiedozie Akwiwu as a person whose vision and missions towards a productive cause cannot be shaken. He has built a niche for himself in the entrepreneurial industry and his iconic achievements have continue to inspire and encourage young minds who are attracted to success and idealistic initiatives. He is driven by vibrant intellectualism, creative capacity and will-power.


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