A man, identified simply as Chukwuma and suspected to be a COVID-19 patient, has been apprehended while attempting to sneak out of the state on foot after returning from Lagos State.
The man was intercepted by Transport Commissioner Dr Christian Madubuko at Amansea, a boundary town between the state and Enugu, while addressing state’s task force on the need to ensure that the boundary remained closed.

The state government had classified Lagos as a high risk state for the pandemic, urging Anambra State residents to alert its officials of any returnee from the state.

Madubuko confronted the man while walking through the road barricades at the boundary.

The commissioner told reporters that he would only release the “suspect” if he was certified Coronavirus-free.
“This man here came in from Lagos, defying all the inter-state boundaries, but we just caught him.
“I have notified the Commissioner for Health about this man, and he is on his way. We will only release him if the Commissioner for Health examines him and certifies him free. Or else, we may have to quarantine him for 14 days,” he said.

The suspected COVID-19 patient said he was a truck driver; he denied having any illness.
Also, Anambra State Governor Willie Obiano has directed the state’s workers to resume work on Monday after one month of Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

The state’s primary and secondary school teachers will resume without the pupils, who the governor said will continue learning online and through the television.


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