Youths from Enugwu Ukwu in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State on Thursday staged a protest against the alleged killing of an only son in a family. According to a source, the boy on Wednesday night, upon sighting policemen on curfew duty, tried to run away but was shot at the back. Another source said the boy, a barber apprentice, the only son from Adagbe Avomimi village of Enugwu Ugwu, was heading home from work on Wednesday few minutes past 8pm when men of the police force from Nimo unit chased him until he was knocked down by a moving vehicle. “We have lost about three youths in Anambra State in the name of enforcing lockdown and its related policies.

 “Officially, we have not recorded any COVID-19 death in Anambra State, but we have recorded three deaths from police enforcement concerning lockdown/curfew directives in the state. “The deceased was knocked down by a vehicle while policemen were chasing one Okeke described as a terror in the division. “The death of the only son prompted the youth this morning (Thursday) to take to the streets. They attempted to attack Nimo Divisional Police Station to avenge the death”, the source stated. The development caused an obstruction of vehicular movement on Zik avenue old road for hours, as the youth made bonfire indiscriminately. A resident, Uzochukwu Okeke, who said he was present when the incident unfolded, said a Police team was there too, firing shots into the air to scare the youths, but the youths remained adamant. Reacting, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, SP Haruna Mohammed, said it was a case of a fatal accident involving an old man. He said the youths in the area misconstrued the whole situation and wanted to attack a police station in revenge before they were warded off.



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