Nigeria multimillion naira hair Enterpreneur and famous CEO of Annis Hair, Miss Iyede Anna, popularly called "Annishair" has died. She was said to have died, 8th of June, 2020 after a brief illness from a supposed poisoned food. According to reports, Annishair was allegedly poisoned by a friend, which she confirmed by giving up the name before her death.

The disheartened loss of the young and vibrant CEO of Annishair came as a shock to so many persons and a lesson to others. Investigations maybe ongoing to apprehend the alleged accused friend who had enviously murdered the beautiful soul of Anna Iyede if confirmed true. Friends, colleagues and customers have continue to publish epitaph in the memories of Annishair, who lived quite a beautiful and adorable life.

Annishair was one of the most trusted luxury human hair brand in Nigeria, who was also specialised in the creativity of customised frontal and closure wigs. The fame of her brand grew and was strong across Abuja and Nigeria. Her brand became even more popular after she hosted a multimillion Arabian glam-birthday on the 24th of August 2018 at Transcorp Hilton in Abuja, an event that would never be forgotten even after her death.

In one of the several epitaph on instagram by @gistmerchant, who was indeed shocked and saddened at the sudden death of Anna, it reads, "I am saddened by the loss since I heard of it. Very painful the circumstances that led to her death, which I am still actively investigating, she was a beautiful lady, whose life was cut short by an enemy who posed as a friend. She died of food poisoning and she gave up the name of the friend who poisoned her before she died"

The post further stated that it wont not be hasty to to draw conclusion, but will do everything possible to see that the accused is brought to book. The post however concluded by wishing, may a perfect and peaceful rest for the soul of Anna. Condolence messages of shock have been pouring on her pages as alot of persons were indeed appalled at the horrific circumstances that led to sudden death of Anna Iyede aka Annishair.


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