President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has been told to declare a state of emergency on erosion in Anambra State. Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) made the call, urging the Federal Government to evolve measures towards tackling the erosion ravaging many communities in Anambra State.

Mr. Vincent Ezekwueme, the CLO Chairman in the state, made the call on Thursday in Enugu. ALSO READ: Imo government spends N4.8bn on Urualla erosion control According to Ezekwueme, “most erosion-impacted sites in Anambra are expanding and deepening; the situation is worsening, especially with the rains.”

The CLO Chairman further urged the President to create a special funding arrangement to fight erosion in the state to save the people from serious environmental hazards. He said a ministerial assessment visit to the state would enable the Federal Government to understand the plight of the people at the mercy of erosion in Anambra. “The situation is pathetic,” he said. “I urge the minister of environment to visit the state for an assessment of the situation.” Ezekwueme commended the Federal Government for completing Zik’s Mausoleum after 14 years of neglect.

He further commended the Buhari-led government for the level of work on the Onitsha/Enugu dual carriageway and the second Niger Bridge projects.


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