A young and vibrant social Enterpreneur, Miss Eze Peace Chinazo has congratulated herself with gratifications to God for the Rank Advancement to the position of an "Associate", which she recently attained at the Nigeria OmegaPro Ibo brand few days ago. She had emphatically appreciated God for the Rank, stressing that it would be ungrateful if she doesn't celebrate the promotion.

In her remarks, which she exclusively shared with StatePress, Eze Peace Chinazo noted that she didn't want to celebrate it initially, but until she realized how ungrateful that would be. In her words, she says, "all thanks to God for attaining this Rank, I did not want to celebrate myself initially but I'll be ungrateful not to be grateful", she added.

Miss Eze Peace Chinazo, went further to dedicate her new Rank Advancement to all her Team Members at OmegaPro Nigeria, OmegaPro USA, OmegaPro Ghana and the entire OmegaPro Family, as she congratulated herself and all her Team members, she says "without you I won't be here today", she concluded.

She however notified the entire public of the amazing opportunities available at OmegaPro Nigeria, as she emphasized on her readiness to support and encourage those who are interested in Forex Trade. Eze Peace has made notable records on her expertise in Forex Trading, Networking businesses, Financial seminars and as a social Enterpreneur, she has been able to make significant impact in other young social Enterpreneurs in Nigeria especially to be self Independent.

Contact Her For Further Details - 08035606814


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