Anambra State Covid-19 update for June 17, 2020

To the Glory of God, the Anambra state government has discharged 44 Covid-19 patients and recorded no new case.

The patients were successfully treated in the state's protective care centres by a team of medical experts led by the state commissioner of health, Dr Vincent Okpala.

The battle against this deadly disease rages on and we will not leave the trenches till we win.

Remember, early treatment increases chances of survival. Please call the Anambra State Public Health Emergency Operation Centres if you have symptoms.

Do not wait for all or most of the symptoms to manifest. It may be too late. A general feeling of unwellness, weakness, headache, shortness of breath or any other associated symptom is enough reason to make that call.

Take responsibility today. Save your life and protect others. Call the public health emergency hotlines or visit a sample collection centre where your sample will be collected for testing.

Sample collection is free!
Testing is free!!
Treatment is equally free!!!

The Willie Obiano administration remains committed to the safety of ndi Anambra.


Ikenna Aniagboso
SSA Communications


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