A notable Nigerian Humanitarian, Miss Tracy Mcwary, popularly referred and nicknamed "Madam Amnesty" has released amazing photos of herself as she marks her birthday in a display of astounding joy and modest appreciation to God almighty for the blessing of a new age. Tracy Mcwary was plus one 9th of June 2020.

In her messages during the early hours of her day, the 29years old Ex Beauty Queen, who doubles as the Founder of Miss Amnesty Nigeria and Tracy Mcwary Foundation, described the 9th of June of a very special day, because a special person is celebrating another birthday and wished herself the happiest day on the year 2020.

In the later hours of the day, Tracy Mcwary hosted a memorable and glamorous indoor party, as she had ample times with selected friends and family members in her Abuja apartment. The Celebrant had continued to receive loads of amazing gestures from several persons across Nigeria and the globe.

In her acknowledgement message, she writes, "Thank You So Much for the love you have shown me, I really appreciate the texts, the calls, the WhatsApp messages, the Inbox messages, your Facebook walls and WhatsApp Statuses. Thank you! Thank you, You are well celebrated and appreciated by me".

she concluded by praying for everyone who made out time and resources to make her birthday astounding, she noted that they would have their own testimonies before the end of this Month. Tracy further added that for celebrating her, God will celebrate them in this month of June, as she wishes them a blessed month.



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