Boss Mustapha, secretary of the federal government and member of the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force, announced that schools will be opened on July 13, 2020, to offer the final year of student exams for SSCE and Primary Six.

This announcement was made yesterday at the daily COVID-19 briefing meeting held in Abuja.

Boss Mustapha stated that schools are already shut up pending further assessments but on Wednesday, for last-year pupils, SSCE pupils, and primary six students, the federal government announced a plan to reopen them.

It is a positive move that should encourage these individuals in this group to take their exams to take a step forward. The second phase of the lockdown has just ended two days now.

The task force committee reported that it is working regularly and inaction to obtain the latest evidence on public safety and global best practices ensuring secure re-opening of all of its decisions was aware.

Also, consultations have already begun with relevant stakeholders, and consultations have been sent to various learning institutions and other industries on the safe re-opening of their specific industries.

However, schools may be reopened for all children later until the Federal Government is persuaded that their lives in school are secure.


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