The sounds of jubiliation and overwhelming response that greated the news of the excellent performance of Enonyi state Governor, Engr Dave Umahi, which earned him a place in the last eight best performing Governors in Nigeria, were unprecedented indeed.
The issues of education and health raised as questions in the said responses l got, were evident to the fact that education is key to whatever policy thrust of any government or adminstration any where in the word. A great south African poet, who said that the easiest way to collapse an economy and steer a country to extinction is to cease funding or abandone education or make it unaffordable to everyone.

In addition to the amazing infrastructural development in Ebonyi state, education has been and remains a major priority sector of the Engr Umahi administration. Not just education, but good & qualitaty education. Apart from the Gov himself being an Engr, hence the unprecedent attention and achievements in that sector, he has done so much in the education sector, probably more than any other leader in recent memory.

An investigation into the status of education or the attention given to the sector, reveal that;
Gov Umahi had spent a whooping sum of N18b, renovating and remodelling both primary and secondary schools across Ebonyi state from the onset of his administration
All the schools in Ebony, including higher institutions have 24 hr functional power and water suply
free and compulsory education programme has been practised in the state since the inception of the Umahi administration, with over 30,000, out of school children, now back to school
the state has not taken beyond the 10th position in both WAEC and NECO since 2016 and has represented Nigeria in school debate outside the country, 3 times in 6 years
quite remarkable, built an international standard nursing school and is building a world class specialist hospital

established a school for gifted kids with scholarship from primary to University levels. This has served to motivate and encourage healthy competition among kids in Ebonyi and challenging their parents to do more to position them to benefit. The school is first of its kind in Nigeria
established adult education schools in the 13 LGAs and in major market places to enable traders also attend.
Great thinking and wisdom!
established agric vocational training schools for farmers to acquire the necessary skills to use modern farming machines
qualified and well trained full time teachers are hired, motivated and paid as at when due to give their best
These are just a few of the many efforts of Gov Umahi to invest in education, probably more than any or every other leader in power since ’99. He’s done so well in the sector to prepare and position future leaders or generations to be able to secure, service and sustain the massive infrastructure he’s building and huge investments in every sector.
It is also important to state that roads infrastructure was not the only consideration or standard applied in assessing and selecting the best performing Governors. So much was involved. In Ebonyi, it is happening in exery sector to the shock and envy political enemies of progress and the joy or celebration of lovers of excellence and across the region.
It is hoped the few areas, of so many, touched above, will allay the genuine fears of those who needed to know what is happening in the education sector of Ebonyi state.
It is also impprtant to state here that Governor Umahi is a Civil Engineer by training hence the wonderful attention and publicity focus in the sector.
Ebonyi is really working.
Rev. Keneth Ubochi


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