A 106-year-old man, Ichie Nwekeuche Okoye, has pleaded with youths in Anambra State to stop fighting over land. The Centenarian also vowed to reconcile youths in Nkwelle Awka community in Awka South Local Government Area. Okoye gave the advice when some youths in the area protested to his house over the selling of their land by a “powerful individual’’. Okoye, who is the oldest man in the community, said he was not happy with the way new generation bickered over “mundane things” such as land and money.

 He said he would return peace in the community as appreciation to his lifetime. The protesters had alleged that some groups of people had been terrorising and handling the affairs of the community with high-handedness. They accused one Akolam Ogbonna, a lawyer, of terrorising and selling the community’s land. Spokesperson of the youths, Chukwunenye Ejike, accused the lawyer of land grabbing, and sales of the community’s land. “The youths of the community are here to express our anger over the recent happening in the community. We can’t continue to keep quiet, like some elders who have been compromised. “We demand that an emergency meeting be convened immediately to resolve this matter before things will get out of hands. “How can the elders keep quiet and watch one single person overrun the entire community? Everyone is afraid over his daily threat. “All our land has been sold.

We don’t even have a single plot to ourselves. We need peace and tranquility in this land. “Enough is enough. We are handing over our lives to you, should any youth be shot in this community, we’ll carry the corpse to the oldest person’s place,” he said. Reacting, Ogbonna denied the allegations, saying that everything said against him was not true. “I am the legal adviser to Nkwelle community, as well as legal adviser of Umudiaba village where my accuser is the chairman of the security committee. After he became chairman, we noticed that security apparatus in the village was very porous. As a young man, we believe that power got into his head and he started abusing his office. “He had been involved in land matters and the youths had to pass a vote of no confidence on him. “It is not true that I am selling anybody’s land as they alleged. They are accusing me falsely because I am the community’s legal adviser who had stopped them from feeding fat from our commonwealth”, he said.


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