Despite surge in Coronavirus cases, most Abuja residents are not wearing mask, simply because most of them don't believe that Coronavirus is real. Those who wear them hang them on their chin just to avoid trouble, in case the law enforcement people decide to start routine arrests. 

Taxi drivers all have the mask on their chin because there is a law that  taxi drivers and their passengers must wear mask, commercial bike men who operates in Gbaygi villages within the city don't wear their mask too, likewise tricycle operators.

Government offices allow you in and out with mask, but you can remove it immediately you enter the premises. Super markets allow you in and out with mask hanging on your chin and not necessarily covering your face. It's only few people who adhere by the law, who wear their mask in public places.

So far only banks and some government offices follow strict adherence to mask wearing, but within the bank you still see the workers hanging the mask on their chin.

People in markets, plazas, and all the crowded areas, only have mask hanging on their chin. In fact nowadays some people don't even come out with mask.

In the suburb, Kubwa, Lugbe, Nyanya, Karu, Maraba, and all over, people hardly wear their mask.

When ABUJAPRESS correspondent asked some of these people, they either tell you Coronavirus is a scam or the figures in Nigeria are exaggerated because people in government want to make money out of it.

Despite the surge in Coronavirus cases the government have not been able to convince people of that it is serious.

The FCT Minister and NCDC should find another ways to make their communication effective, not just spending a lot of money sending data to people who would never use it to check any information on Coronavirus. They should engage social media people to help them convince their fans that this disease is real and serious instead of wasting so much money on free data and others that is not so far effective.

Government must look for ways to make people believe and so far, most Abuja residents, people in the majority, are not taking this whole Coronavirus pandemic seriously.


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